250 South Ann Street

Sour Lake, Texas 77659



The objectives of the Sour Lake Chamber of Commerce are:

  1. To promote the cultural, educational, civic, commercial, industrial and general development in the Sour Lake Area

  2. To Aid in the development of all legitimate enterprises designed for the betterment of the area

  3. To stand and to work for area harmony

  4. To be non-partisan and non sectarian, and to take no part in nor to lend its influence of facilities, either directly or indirectly, to the nomination, election or appointment of any candidate or person public or political office.


The Membership Classes of the Sour Lake Chamber of Commerce are as follows:

  1. Businesses whose dues are based upon the number of employees

  2. Individual, including spouse

  3. Non-Profit / Civic

  4. Utility Companies

  5. Banks / Credit Unions

  6. Professionals (Attorneys, Doctors, CPA’s, etc)


Eligibility for Membership:

  1. Any individual, firm, corporation, partnership, association, or other organization, estate or trust, of good standing and reputation and interested in the objectives of the Sour Lake Chamber of Commerce, shall be eligible for membership.


Officers and Board of Directors:

Executive Director Rebecca Gardiner

Mo Cuccia, President

Faustino Navarrete, Vice-President

Jenny Murphy, Treasurer

Larry Dickerson, Secretary

Eric Cleckley & Philip Dartez, Directors



Contact us:

Address: P. O. Box 63

Sour Lake, Texas 77659

Located inside the Community Center

Phone: (409) 287-0688



Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: By appointment only

(All calls will be returned as soon as possible.)


Holidays and Closures:

Sour Lake Chamber of Commerce will observe all Holidays and Closures as the City of Sour Lake.



Rebecca Gardiner at the Chamber – (409) 287-0688, or at the above address.